How to ride the wave of your success without getting washed away

If it’s windy, there’s a big chance that you’ll find me at the sea windsurfing. I simply love this sport as apart from spending time on the waves and getting a healthy dose of adrenaline, it creates an outlet for stress at work. Windsurfing requires so much focus that you get lost in it and all thoughts of every day troubles literally get blown away. Getting out into the sea is a great experience, but one wrong move and you get caught by a wave and washed away.


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7 reasons your message isn’t getting across in the industry

Presenting is a powerful tool in the industry as it’s a means of communication which can enable to get feedback, ask for resources or pitch product ideas. A well composed slide deck can be used as a presentation, to support a discussion during a meeting or to share information by being sent around.

With a PhD behind our back we have plenty of presenting experience, ranging from talks in front of a handful of colleagues on a research meeting to presentations in front of hundreds of people on a congress. In fact, during PhD presenting our data is probably one of the things we do most when we’re out of the lab. So yes, after our PhD track most of us feel comfortable about our presenting skills and maybe also secretly proud of them.

But does presenting always go that well?

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How to prepare your CV for a job in industry

So you found a job description that you are interested in and that fits you. Exciting! Your first step then is to apply for the job by sending your CV and motivation letter. It is important to note that both of these should be tailored specifically for each position that you apply for. This may seem like an obvious point, but you’d be surprised how often this goes wrong.

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Are you making these ‘PhD’ mistakes in your CV?

Based on your CV you may get to the next round…or not. So it should speak for you before you actually get the chance to make an impression yourself. And yet somehow it doesn’t always go well.

So what are the common mistakes PhDs make in their CV when applying for a job in industry?

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