Are you a PhD working in life sciences and not sure what to do next?

Should you stay in the academia or look for a job in the industry?

What are your options and how can you pursuit your further career?

In case you are wondering if you are the only one who’s not sure, trust me -  you’re not. I’ve been there myself and many other PhDs feel the same way. The truth is that the gap between university and industry is large. During your PhD you have many choices of courses to follow, however very few of them offer some kind of career advice/orientation. The best guidance you can get is on how to continue your career in the academia. If you want to start working in the industry, you’re on your own.

​My goal in writing this blog

Through this blog I want to explore career opportunities for PhD graduates and share them with you. Also, I'll include my own experiences from transitioning into industry that can be useful for others.

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Hi! My name is Olga and I’m the one behind the After finishing my PhD I decided to work in the industry instead of continuing my career in the academia. It wasn’t an easy decision since there were some pros and cons for both options. Also, I had no idea what to expect from a career in the industry... read more